Let’s Work Together to Confront Today’s Challenges

     Human beings faced extraordinary challenges in 2020, the likes of which most of us had never faced. Likewise, the environment is facing extreme challenges, from CWD in the deer herd and VHS in fish, diseases killing oak and ash trees, shortages of clean water, draining of wetlands, loosening of environmental standards during the previous eight […]

Keep Politics Out of Wisconsin’s Natural Resources Board

    We need to ensure that politicians keep their mitts off of the Natural Resources Board.     Wisconsin’s Natural Resources Board is composed of seven individuals appointed by the governor for six-year terms.     Board members are all volunteers, three have to be from south of Stevens Point, three from north of Stevens point and one is from […]

With this Legislature, inaction is good.

There may not be many good things coming from the pandemic, which has affected just about everything, but it did curtail the legislature from continuing its session!      Yes, there have been good legislative actions, such as passage of the Knowles/Nelson Stewardship Program and approving state duck, pheasant and turkey stamps to fund management of […]