Politics are Taking Over Wisconsin’s Natural Resources

The system is out of whack.  We know that.     The legislature is creating natural resources laws, rather than relying on the organizations they created to manage natural resources and recommend needed laws.      The Natural Resources Board is adopting regulations that are not backed by science provided by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).     The DNR is […]

Just because Hunters can, do we need to?

I do everything because I hunt. Hunters, in general, have been dedicated conservationists, and they have been the financial and vocal support for natural resource programs that have sustained many resources, including many non-game and endangered species. Hunters have been fortunate to have had forefathers the likes of Teddy Roosevelt, J.N. “Ding” Darling, and Aldo […]

Legislators are Eviscerating Wisconsin’s DNR

The saying is, “If you don’t remember your history, it is bound to repeat itself.”That’s often true and for those of us concerned about Wisconsin’s natural resources we are seeing history repeat itself.ThenIn the early 1900s, politicians passed laws involving natural resources, while they had no advanced education or knowledge of what should be done […]